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Negative yield bonds

Total volume of bonds issued with negative yields around the world reaches record 16 trillion dollars. Negative yield bond is very specific financial instrument, which looks crazy as according to normal businessperson’s mind it is foolish instruments as regular person cannot understand who those crazy people are willing to buy bonds and pay additionally for them with no interest return.
Most interesting fact of Negative yield bonds is that their goal is to save corporate money in stand of paying negative yield.
All of us know that according to ECB decision made on March 2016 Eurozone has 0.0% interest rate in addition to that Swiss has changed its Labor rate to negative -0.75% from January 2015, taking to the consideration monetary policy of Eurozone banks charge companies for deposit pushing them to pay 0.5-1% annually.
Companies from Eurozone operating in EUR have just 3 options to save their money until they will implement them into their projects: First is just to save in bank and pay up to 1% annually, second is to convert them this operation cost about 0.3-0.5% but companies take currency risks, the last option is just to hold their money in liquid bonds with negative yield with minus 0.1% per annum.
Second interesting fact about Negative yield bonds is additional protection from commercial banks, when companies buy government securities they acquire a higher level of protection for their funds and companies are not taking risk of bank leverage or any other high risk issues like at DB